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Sun Oct 11 10:24:27 EST 1998

NC Lorax wrote:

> Looks like the gypsy moth and ourselves are exactly the same.  We just do a
> better job at it.  As for me I would rather be a man than a gypsy moth.
> Because unlike the gypsy moth who will eat till its food source is gone.
> Man recognizes the need to renew the resource.  That's one reason I am a
> Forester.  I help replant that cutover forest, which helps perpetuate our
> species.
> John please answer this for me , Why do you equate man as something outside
> of nature?

In nature, all other species have checks. The human species doesn't.
It's only check is it's own intelligence; which too often isn't used, or
is misused by those with excessive wealth and power for their own

You replant forests. Excellent. Lots of good karma in that. But our
society continues to spread over the planet like skin cancer; turning
more and more of the surface of the planet into pavement. So there is a
problem, even if isn't foresters; who in the worse case scenario, are
only guilty of doing a lousy job; which is rather harmless compared to
all the unnecessary pavement.

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> NC Lorax
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