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> Hey MR FORESTER,  whats the story?
> ?          FORESTRY VERSES GYPSY MOTH Salvage logging


> Trees killed by forestry exceed gypsy moths.  Gypsy
> moths do not ride in big machines with lots of noise and
> heat and fumes.  Gypsy moths do not remove nurse logs.
> Gypsy moths do not change water patterns.  Gypsy
> moths do not compact LIVING SOIL.  Gypsy moths do
> not add synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to the forest
> system that effect the other associates.  Gypsy moths do
> not rob the soil of needed carbon.  Gypsy moths do not
> contaminate water.  Gypsy moths do not build roads and
> plant grass in the forest.  Gypsy moths do not destroy
> native habitat for wild life such as the fishers.  As a
> matter of fact the Gypsy moths left the wood to give the
> soil a good shot of carbon.  But the forest service says
> “don’t worry” we will apply herbicides and ammonium
> nitrate (a water contaminator) from helicopters.

You are right a gypsy moth does not do allot of things, what they do is
feed on the trees, not for the trees benefit nor for the environments
benefit but for the gypsy moth species benefit.  Lets start with the eggs,
they hatch the caterpillars feed on the leaves of the tree, they grow big,
they metamorphose into a moth, they mate, they lay eggs, etc. etc. etc.....

Now lets look at mankind and lets start with the egg, we are born, we use
our natural resources to survive and grow, we mate, back to the egg again,
etc. etc. etc.....

Looks like the gypsy moth and ourselves are exactly the same.  We just do a
better job at it.  As for me I would rather be a man than a gypsy moth. 
Because unlike the gypsy moth who will eat till its food source is gone. 
Man recognizes the need to renew the resource.  That's one reason I am a
Forester.  I help replant that cutover forest, which helps perpetuate our

John please answer this for me , Why do you equate man as something outside
of nature? 

NC Lorax

Remember, Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires

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