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This is from the latest Non-Timber Forest Products digest.  KMD

Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 23:03:13 -0400
From: himal at mail.vt.edu
Subject: ntfp> Feedback wanted on new NTFP website being developed

ANNOUNCING - The Special Forest Products Web Site

Your place to learn more about the use and markets for special forest products!
Interest in non-timber forest products or special forest products (SFPs) is
increasing rapidly.  At present there are numerous efforts to increase
awareness of these products, their management and market potential. However,
there is a shortage of information available and there are few means effective
in disseminating the information necessary for the sustainable management and
marketing of these resources and products. The Top of the Ozarks RC&D in
Missouri, USDA Forest Service, and Virginia Tech are collaborating to develop
and operate the first web site devoted to gathering information on SFPs and
their markets.  We will compile information in a simple format and provide a
national clearing house for SFPs - accessible to harvesters and growers,
marketers, processors, and end-users.

To help us make this a useful tool for forest managers and collectors and
marketers of SFPs you may: Identify important products and management issues
from your area; Develop information that can be posted on the web site; Report
on markets both in your local area and region; or Locate information sources
that can be shared through the web site. Market information, regular updates
with new information, and listings on short courses, conferences and relevant
publications will also be features of the web site.  Eventually, the web site
will include direct linkage with markets, both national and overseas.

The address for this new web site is:

Your suggestions are most welcome!

Dr. A.L. Hammett
College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources
210 Cheatham Hall (mail code 0323)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia    24061
Phone:  540-231-2716
FAX:  540-231-8176
E-mail:  himal at vt.edu


Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 23:32:38 -0400
From: olife at juno.com
Subject: ntfp> website for ballot measure w/NTFP references (USA)

[The following reference is not an endorsement or a rejection, but rather noted
here for policy research interests]

State of Oregon (USA) ballot measure concerning forest management practices and
economics with references to non-timber forest products. The measure was
written by Oregonians for Labor Intensive Forest Economics. Website:

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