Super Trees

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Sun Oct 11 05:55:38 EST 1998

Noreastah wrote:

> >Hybrid poplar trees suck up heavy metals and solvents
> >The yellow poplar, also known as the tulip poplar, is one of the
> largest
> >and most commercially valuable hardwood trees. It grows primarily east
> of
> >the Mississippi River.

Hybrid poplar are not tulip poplars.  Tulip poplars are in the magnolia
family while hybrid poplars are in the aspen family.  These are not
commercially valuable hardwoods.  These poplars were developed mainly for
the use in the co-generation of energy projects that were popular during the
energy crisis days of the 70's and 80's.  Aspens are low in strength, and
are primarily used as pulpwood, meaning that any locked up tissue chemicals
will be going back into the paper.


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