Straw as alternative fiber source

KMorrisD kmorrisd at
Sun Oct 11 12:48:35 EST 1998

"HULTGREN" <arne at> wrote:

>An added benefit
>is carbon sequestration. It means a vigorously growing forest is tying up as
>much carbon as it's emitting in cogeneration.

Sounds like you're doing a great job at `carbon forest management`, but you
really shouldn't count the cogeneration as carbon emissions because this is
cycling carbon that's already out there--as opposed to emissions from fossil
fuels which are ADDING to what's already out there.

Good `carbon forest management` involves carbon sequestration AND carbon
(fossil) substitution.  It's a judgment call as to which is more important.  It
also depends on the forest, markets and so on.

As for straw, didn't the Three Pigs take care of that idea long ago? <G>  But
that's also carbon that's out there already, so maybe I shouldn't be quite so


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