Dear Forester Staples

Thomas Kellar tkellar at FSP.FSP.COM
Sun Oct 11 12:28:57 EST 1998

> Looks like the gypsy moth and ourselves are exactly the same.  We just do a
> better job at it.  As for me I would rather be a man than a gypsy moth. 
> Because unlike the gypsy moth who will eat till its food source is gone. 
> Man recognizes the need to renew the resource.  

You'd think that would be the case wouldn't you?  But with
examples like record oil consumption by the world's industrialized
nations with no plans at all for use of renewable energy 
resources (especially in the USA) this is clearly not being
done. That is why we are doubly cursed: we recognize the problem but
like drug addicts, do nothing about it.


>That's one reason I am a
> Forester.  I help replant that cutover forest, which helps perpetuate our
> species.  
> John please answer this for me , Why do you equate man as something outside
> of nature? 
> -- 
> NC Lorax
> Remember, Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires

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