Thanks for the forest information

Nancy Padberg padberg at
Mon Oct 12 15:21:18 EST 1998

Thanks to Daniel Wheeler and the group for information and discussion 
affecting Pacific NW forests.  The voter's pamphlet is out and discussion 
on Measure 64 is starting.   We just moved to Zigzag from Portland in 
July, but have my husband and I have enjoyed the PNW forests for a long 
time.  We now have our own 2 acres to steward.  I would like to do more 
than just cross my fingers and hope they don't clearcut Hunchback and 
Zigzag Mt.  I would like to learn as much as I can about forest ecology 
in relationship to ecosystem health.  I feel as if the bear, deer, birds, 
bats, etc. call this area their home and I am not here to take it over, 
but to live in harmony and help preserve it. 

I will continue to digest information you provide and clarify any 
questions I have, if I may.

Prime Images Photography
Zigzag, Oregon
info at

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