Carbon Forest Management?

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Mon Oct 12 19:37:47 EST 1998

Carbon Forest Management?

I had a very interesting experience recently. It was a meeting with a
neighbor to a property that I recently marked for a timber sale. She
was opposed to the idea of a cutting operation where she has hiked and
skiied for years. I went through all the usual reasons for the cutting
operation: harvesting mature trees, thinning around trees with higher
value potential, diversifying wildlife habitats, reversing the effects
of decades of high-grading, improving access for fire protection and
recreation...She wasn't impressed.

Then I started talking about climate change and management for carbon
sequestration and fossil fuel substitution, plus `weather proofing` the
forest against storm damage. All this made sense to her because she had
been reading about climate change and had some bad snowstorm damage on
her own property a couple years ago. I've done some writing on this
subject, so I told her I'd send her copies of the articles. She liked
that idea. Then she asked me if I'd come take a look at her property!

So I find myself wondering if I have to totally re-orient my approach to
management! I'm also wondering if we foresters aren't missing an
opportunity here with landowners and the general public. Is it just a
few people like this one, or are there lots of people who are ready to
hear about climate change and the role that forests can play in
mitigating the effects? Also, do we perhaps have something very
valuable to offer society in terms of our understanding of carbon cycles
and how forest management techniques can reduce the amount of it in the

Karl Davies, Consulting Forester
Northampton, MA

Below is a list of websites I recently found with AltaVista. Most of this
is pretty academic.  We need something basic and understandable by the
general public.

Carbon Links

Apps, M J and D T Price, eds. 1996. Forest Ecosystems, Forest
Management and the Global Carbon Cycle:
Review of publication of conference proceedings with 30 papers.

Brown, Sandra. 1997. Forests and Climate Change: Role of Forest
Lands as Carbon Sinks:
Scholarly overview of global carbon sequestration by forests.

German Forest Management Council. 1998. Policy Statement:
The number one policy issue (out of 10) is `Maintenance and
appropriate enhancement of forest resources and their
contribution to global carbon cycles.`

Karjalainen, T. 1996. Model Computations on Sequestration of
Carbon in Managed Forests and Wood Products under Changing
Climatic Conditions in Finland. Journal of Environmental
Abstract of very comprehensive paper that evaluates different
management strategies over a 300 year period.

Marland, G and B Schlamadinger. 1997. Forests for Carbon
Sequestration or Fossil Fuel Substitution? A Sensitivity
A recent paper about a question that has received insufficient
attention by researchers and the public.

Marland, Gregg and Bernhard Schlamadinger. 1998. Forest
Management, Biomass Fuels, and CO2 Emissions to the Atmosphere:
Many scholarly references, the latest ones focusing on questions
of sequestration versus fossil fuel substitution. Cutting edge. 

Sedjo, Roger A. 1996.  The Economics of Forest Management for
Carbon Sequestration:
Abstract of paper with information on how to get the full version
from Resources for the Future.

Wong, Nelson. 1997. Message posted to forest.list:
Short bibliography of references on carbon sequestration by

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