Reforestry in Brazil

LeSheriod lesheriod at
Tue Oct 13 23:52:30 EST 1998

To whomever:

I am 19 years old and very interested in Forest and Agriculture. Mainly because
of two reason: My father owns a farm in Brazil and much of the native forests
were destroyed by the previous owner. Especially along a river that separates
the property. all the trees were cut down and burn. This is obvious when the
river is no clogged with sandbars, silt, and sediment. I would like to reforest
this but have little experience. What type of trees would be suitable for this?
The farm is located in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.. The elevation is
higher since it is in the Brazilian highlands.. Would those weeping trees
(which I find beautiful) work well in such an environment? We often plant
australian eucaliptus trees because they grow so fast and suck the water out of
the land, but they do not create an ecosystem. there are no birds, but just
long tall trees in unison. is that a forest?

Any help you can give or tips is appreciated

Please email me at LESHERIOD at or jpag3924 at (my university), since
i am nto very active in this newsgroup

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