Georgia Lumber Co. left me a mess

Walter M Deloach wmd3 at Ra.MsState.Edu
Wed Oct 14 14:14:07 EST 1998

	Keep trying to get the consultant to finish his job. He should be willing
to help so he can keep you as a client. 
	I would urge you not to put up that sign that you refered to
because it will make the entire profession of forestry look bad.  This
sign will only fuel the fires of the anti-logging groups.
	My suggestion would be to continue to work with the consultant and
the logging crew to try to get the work finished. Then if they do not
finish within 12 months put it through arbitration. They still have the
time that was under contract to finish the work.  Hopefully for you they
will come and complete the job. Good Luck.

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