Ectomyccohizal Root dip for seedlings.

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Thu Oct 15 15:37:48 EST 1998

Having used Daniel's innoculant, I would add that you don't have to use 
it all in one season.  You can just wrap it tightly, chuck it in the 
freezer, and use the leftovers for the next season.  Spores are hardy 

-- Larry

In article <7015sf$m5a$1 at>, dwheeler at 
> If anyone's interested in getting some of these, the cost would be about $50
> to inoculate an estimated 1 million seedling Douglas fir, Eastern Red oak,
> Pinus sp., Oregon White oak, Rhododendrons, English walnut, hazelnut,
> chestnut, spruce, alder, or pear trees. To list all of the tree species I
> have found with these fungi would probably be self-defeating. Suffice it to
> say that with a simple pack-back sprayer and a food-blender, it is possible
> to inoculate quickly and effectively several million trees using a simple
> slurry inoculant. And unless you drink the inoculant in quantity, it should
> not harm you. (However, eating the fungus by itself is probably a good way to
> find out how quickly your digestive system can get emptied. A 110-pound
> pot-bellied pig recently died after eating an unknown quantity of these
> truffle-like fungi. Pig and human physiology are similar.)

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