Update on my problems with Georgia Lumber

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Oct 17 20:48:40 EST 1998

Robinson wrote:
> I'm happy to say that a crew was finally sent out to finish the grading
> and debris clean up on my place. It seems that the subcontractor they
> use to do the logging had told them that all the work was finished even
> though it wasn't , after several phone calls from myself and my
> consultant we finally had a meeting with the boss at Ga. Lumber and
> after seeing how my place looked, he sent a man out with a dozer to
> spend the day getting it done. They even did some extra work of pushing
> back some privet forests from around my house.
> So I'm pretty much satsified with the work and I figure that since I
> posted here and named names, it's only fair that I make a public post to
> say that the company did resolve the problem.
> I made a suggestion to them that in the future they could avoid this
> sort of problem by sending a letter to the land owner when to their
> knowledge, the work is done. Then the landowner can either sign off on
> it and send the letter back, or if he feels the job is not done then he
> can get in touch with them and let them know about it.
> Mike

I have been reluctant to comment on your problem, but, the company seems
to have fulfilled their end of the bargin and you seem to have received
full portion.  I have had to wait a year to get some loggers back on the
job to finish off, mainly from weather, but occaisionally out of
problems with either the loggers or the mill.  Scheduling for loggers
and mills is a problem, they just cannot pull off for a day or two from
a job that they have running, conversly, they shouldnot leave a job till
finished, but strange things happen.

Glad it worked out.

Don Staples
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