Apostate Christians for zero cut

John J. Chilcote twojayc at foothill.net
Sun Oct 18 20:26:00 EST 1998

Larry Caldwell wrote in message ...
>In article <newkirk-1610980024220001 at bob14.olywa.net>, newkirk at olywa.net
>> > "Our Scriptures clearly teach that forests are a place where God is
>> > and cares and provides for his creatures who inhabit them,"

Is it then also a case of the Forest Service doing the devils work to put
out fires started by God's lightning?

>> > "Paying timbercompanies nearly a billion dollars every year to
needlessly decimate
>> > these irreplaceable forests, which God created and loves, is to commit
a sin of
>> > greed and waste."

 Could it be possible that the USFS logging is not for a profit but to
replace, in some way, the beneficial effects of cyclical wildfires that the
hand of man attempts to remove from His forests?

>This is the same Jesus who cursed the fig tree because it wouldn't bear
>fruit, and made his living as a carpenter?
>It's interesting how many Christians just make it up as they go.  Jesus
>the Druid.  Wow.
>-- Larry


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