Apostate Christians for zero cut

rootsman at teleport.com rootsman at teleport.com
Mon Oct 19 10:14:00 EST 1998

Oh jeez, here we go again.  That last, lazy argument of the timber
industry.  Just because someone says that we should behave as stewards
of God's creation doesn't mean that we shouldn't use any wood products.
I ask you, where in the post does it say "Thou shall not ever use a
single natural resource"?  I doesn't.  What it says is that God made the
world and it is not up to man to destroy what God has created.  When we
were given dominion we were also charged with responsibility.  God
didn't say lay waste to creation to make a buck, he gave us this world
to see if we are responsible and appreciative of his works.  Or so goes
the argument, I personally am ambivalent about religion.

Your argument is the result of intellectual laziness.  You don't want to
actually think about what is being said so you read into it any easily
defeatable argument.  Please try to actually think and listen to what
the issues are, don't respond in a knee jerk fashion.

Would you like the highway department to build a road through your front
yard?  No?  Well then you must be against all roads and it is the height
of hipocrasy for you to ever drive one.

I don't think that you should be able to run around and shoot people at
will.  Does that mean that I think all guns should be confiscated?  No,
you'll have to start with mine.  You see, people are capable of make
distinctions between positions.  Are you?

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