Apostate Christians for zero cut

Schroede nospam at mnm.com
Mon Oct 19 06:25:01 EST 1998

Kirk Johnson wrote:
 They certainly don't have to be
> built out of publicly owned, taxpayer subsidized, clearcut, old-growth,
> fish and wildlife habitat obliterated wood.
> Kirk Johnson

Old growth timber? - ya dick head!, no-one wants to cut old growth!, its
pretty much a useless commodity compared to today's engineered products
and in mills designed for smaller logs.  What's your solution?  Let 3rd
world countries, who have no forest management at all except
deforestation supply the worlds needs or produce products from the most
productive and well managed forests in the world, ie; the Pacific
Northwest.  Try and catch the 20th century before it's gone!- ya
self-important shit for brains!

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