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FOREST FOCUS - Bulletin of American Lands, October 19, 1998
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MINE PREVENTED:  The Senate has set aside $3.2 million to buy
a 145-acre parcel of land in southern Oregon's Kalmiopsis
Wilderness Area, reports Associated Press.  The land is rich in gold
and it has been sought after for mining for nearly a decade. 
Environmentalists say that the mining would devastate plant life and
the Chetco River's salmon and steelhead runs.  Darrell Brown sold
the land for the $3.2 million price, roughly equal to the amount of
gold that could have been mined there.  The money for the
purchase was earmarked by the Senate Interior Appropriations
Subcommittee from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. 
"The land is finally protected," said Phillip Wallin, director of the
River Conservancy.  "The claims will now disappear into the
wilderness -- keeping it wild and free-flowing."

LCV SCORECARDS:  The League of Conservation Voters has
released its 1998 National Environmental Scorecard.  The scorecard
is based on eight votes in the Senate and 13 votes in the House,
selected by a panel of environmental group advisers.  The votes
involved issues such as property rights, funding priorities,
international family planning, logging in national forests, and global
warming.  According to the report House Democrats averaged 72%,
House Republicans averaged 24%, Senate Democrats averaged 84%
and Senate Republicans averaged 12%.  The full report is available
on the Internet at or by calling 202/785-8683.   

BAND'S SPEAK OUT:  R.E.M.'s Peter Buck is leading a challenge
to the logging industry and politicians, speaking out against the
destruction of ancient forests.  In September members of R.E.M,
Pearl Jam, and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden requested a meeting
with Vice President Al Gore to discuss their "deep concern for
America's disappearing forests and wild lands."  A meeting has not
yet been granted, but Buck has recently taken time out of his
schedule to tape a public service announcement about the
devastation of the forest which will be broadcast on MTV.  "From
up in the air, the destruction is overwhelming," said Buck.  "If I can
do something, use my fame as a musician to help this cause, then
it's worth it." 

FURY FOR THE SOUND: The Women at Clayoquot is an award
winning environmental documentary that is a dramatic plea for
increased citizen participation in conservation issues.  In 1993
hundreds of men, women and children from around the world were
arrested and jailed for months in defense of Canada's public lands. 
The protest movement at Clayoquot Sound was the largest civil
disobedience action in Canadian history, and women were at the
forefront both in numbers and in leadership positions.  If you are
interested in this feature length documentary about women, nature
and political action please contact filmmaker Shelley Wine at
16611 at

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