Clearcuts & sustainability

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Wed Oct 21 07:57:46 EST 1998

I have seen Spruce, Red Cedar but mainly Western Hemlock use the "motherlog" as
a place to grow.  Western Hemlock also grows on living living trees, as long as
their roots can find the ground.  Saw a 16"er growing out of a Western Red
Cedar "knee" root.  The Cedar was almost 20' dbh.  Western Hemlock also grows
in solid rock as long as there is a crack with some soil and water holding
capability to it.  Doug Fir I have never seen do this and that is after
spending 30 yrs of stomping around in the forests.

"Aspect", soil site index, annual moisture patterns and shade  usually will
determine what will grow where on a particular pice of ground.

True Firs fair best on North facing aspect hills/mountains.  The hot and drier
South and West facing aspects, Doug Fir even has a hard time growing on.

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