Apostate Christians for zero cut

Kirk Johnson newkirk at olywa.net
Thu Oct 22 10:55:04 EST 1998

> > If anyone is interested, the brand of toilet paper "Purely Cotton" is 
> > tree-free, made out of cotton. If you can't find it in your local grocery 
> > and want to request that they carry it, the UPC code for a four roll pack
> > is: 7 03999 00040 1. Alternatively, there are numerous brands which produce 
> > tp with 100% post-consumer recycled content, and with lower recycled 
> > content.

> Please explain how cotton "saves" the environment?

I was merely pointing out that there are alternatives to wood, that the
line which goes something like 'tree-huggers should live in caves and wipe
with their hands' is a severe oversimplification, and basically a red
herring argument. If you are really concerned about using cotton, let's
legalize industrial hemp. Most of our paper needs could be met without

Kirk Johnson

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