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Fri Oct 23 03:51:07 EST 1998

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In article <361F5F51.43EC at>, cmagolda at says...
> Hi.  A friend of mine has a magnificent 80+ foot White Oak tree in his
> front yard.  Each year tons of acorns drop on the lawn requiring many
> many hours of hard labor to pick them up.  As you'd might guess, they do
> not rake easily.  He is getting up in years and this is a much more
> formidable task than it was for him thirty years ago.
> My question is --- Is there a way to prevent the mast crop from setting?
> Or is there a method for limiting or reducing the number of acorns set
> in the spring?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you

I just saw a lawn vacuum that advertises it will pick up acorns.  I 
forget who the manufacturer was, but look around lawn shops and you 
should find one.  It looked sort of like a huge Kirby on bicycle wheels.  

Of course, for the price of the thing you could probably hire the 
neighborhood kids to pick up acorns for the next 10 years.

-- Larry

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