Oregon's #64, banning clearcuts

Nancy Padberg padberg at ptld.uswest.net
Sat Oct 24 18:29:15 EST 1998

Can anyone tell me where I can get more information on what the Measure 
64 means?  I am not sure if these rules will apply only to those lands 
zoned timber or does it include property with other zoning designations.  
Will this measure affect all private property owners with trees on their 
property?  The measure refers to "timberland owners".  What does that 
really mean?  

It also proposes that "all waters of the State where timber harvest 
occurs or could potentially occur, shall be deemed navigable waters."  
Where can I find the implications of "navigable waters"?

Any help would be appreciated.  Just trying to assess the pros and cons 
before I vote.

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