NAmerica Soaking Up Carbon From Air

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Mon Oct 26 12:28:50 EST 1998

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> NAmerica Soaking Up Carbon From Air
> By Randolph E. Schmid
> Associated Press Writer
> Friday, October 16, 1998; 1:52 a.m. EDT
> WASHINGTON (AP) -- Somehow, North America seems to be
> soaking up a lot of the carbon scientists had expected to find in the
> atmosphere.

I'm not sure why there is controversy about this. Several years ago, it was
demonstrated that PNW trees, especially Douglas fir, were beginning to grow
more rapidly than previously expected. The increased growth was laid to
increased atmospheric CO2.

I'd like to say that some of this was my doing, since Douglas fir inoculated
with Tuber gibbosum can grow substantially faster than non-inoculated trees.
But few people have done this inoculation that I know of.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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