Oregon's #64, banning clearcuts

Cliff Keene ckeene at dmi.net
Tue Oct 27 13:45:23 EST 1998

Nancy: The Society of American Foresters home page has a link to some
"News" Issues. I just clicked on the Oregon Clearcut Issue and did find
some information. I think at least part of your questions may be answered.
The SAF URL is: http://www.safnet.org/
Another source is the OregonLive "Internet Newspaper" at: 
You can click on Elections and select Measure 64. You can also use their
SEARCH and type in "clearcut" and get several articles related to measure
I'm posting this and also sending email because my new server is VERY slow
in getting posts on line.
If anyone knows of a good free "public" newsserver, let me know. /s/ Cliff

Nancy Padberg <padberg at ptld.uswest.net> wrote in article
<MPG.109c02a6c831b6c4989720 at news.ptld.uswest.net>...
> Can anyone tell me where I can get more information on what the Measure 
> 64 means?  I am not sure if these rules will apply only to those lands 
> zoned timber or does it include property with other zoning designations. 

> Will this measure affect all private property owners with trees on their 
> property?  The measure refers to "timberland owners".  What does that 
> really mean?  
> It also proposes that "all waters of the State where timber harvest 
> occurs or could potentially occur, shall be deemed navigable waters."  
> Where can I find the implications of "navigable waters"?
> Any help would be appreciated.  Just trying to assess the pros and cons 
> before I vote.
> Thanks,
> Nancy
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