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>> What sort of logging practices are good and which ones are bad?
>Logging should be sustainable.  Old growth should be off-limits.  I wish
>there were logging only on private property.
Some would argue that your desires are already realized.  
 - Only 3-4% of timber sales in the Pacific NW come from public lands. I
think its about 10% in the east. (??)   
 - There are many laws outlining logging practices, especially when it
comes to public timber sales.  I think that's one of the reasons why there
are so few timber sales on public lands now.  If you agree with the forest
service's definition of sustainability, then you are home free. 
I doubt many people in this group agree with it though.  But sustainability
is a very hard term to define.   Around 100 years ago nearly all of the
forests in the eastern US were clear-cut using the most atrocious logging
practices imaginable, those that were left burned from forest fires.  Yet
today the eastern US forests are in pretty good shape.  Is that
 - Old growth is a very general term.  Do you mean trees older than 50
years? 100? 200? or do you mean virgin forests?  Since there is almost no
virgin forest left anywhere in the world, this is kind of a non-issue.
Should Old growth be off limits if it is privately owned?

PS Thanks for your reply. I am not trying to insult with mine, just want to

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