Truffles starting to fruit

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Thu Oct 29 19:59:15 EST 1998

Had the first commercial harvest of truffles today, in Clark County,
Washington. After digging about 6 hours between two people, we found perhaps
2 pounds of truffles, about 6 ounces of Hymenogaster parksii (or similar
species), and another 6-8 ounces of Rhizopogon species.

When I got back home and sorted them, then cleaned them, was able to get
on-line to check my mail. One email from a chef in Germany, who had earlier
ordered 6 lbs. wanted me to send his order immediately, as it would lead to
an order of 40 Kg per week thereafter. I had to turn him down.

I used to think it was difficult to market truffles in the US. But if
international marketing is considered, there is a tremendous market
available. I just wish I could have sent even the first order.

Nonetheless, this site of 20 acres has produced several fungi of economic
consequence. These include:

Tuber gibbosum
Tuber sp. nov.
Rhizopogon sps.
Hymenogaster sps.
Agaricus subrufescens
Endogone lactiflua
Leucangium carthusiana (formerly Picoa c.)

Yet this ng has little posted information about non-traditional forest
products. I think this shows that many "foresters" can't see the forest for
the trees. It's too bad they underground processes and species are so totally
ignored. It this a case of out of sight, out of mind? Or is it simply

Daniel B. Wheeler

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