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Sat Oct 31 23:29:54 EST 1998

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  Mike Hagen <mhagen at> wrote:
> Shroom season is just starting! Found some very nice cauliflower last week.
> I just attended the northwest society of ecological restoration annual
> conference and was very impressed by the research presented and questions posed.
> Reminded me that industrial foresters aren't the only critters in the tree
> business. Restoration forestry is working not only to coexist with healthy
> fisheries and nontimber resources but to encourage the return of strong stocks
> and stable streamside environments which will encourage non-celebrity species as
> well.
> There was a vendor of mycorhizal soil additives packed into little tea bags
> (RTI).  All their samples were gone shortly after setting up. This isn't unknown
> territory anymore.
> Mike H.

THANK GOODNESS! By chance, did you happen to notice who was selling or how
much they were asking for the teabags <g>.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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