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Tue Sep 1 18:27:50 EST 1998

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redoak at forestmeister.com says...

> Some foresters have tried to cut in on the profits of the log sellers.
> This is what they have typically done. They'll subcontract the logger
> themselves (as agent for the landowner so the landowner takes ALL the
> risk, not himself). Then he'll try to understand the log markets. Then
> he'll subcontract a trucker to deliver certain logs to those certain
> markets. 

Last fall I was picking up seedlings at the nursery, and there was a guy 
in the next bay with a 20 x 20 x 12' clear heartwood cedar beam in the 
back of his pickup truck.  I commented on how pretty it was, and he told 
me he was hauling it back home.  He had originally had a whole truckload 
of them, which he sold to Japanese buyers.  They didn't like this one 
because the grain ran out on one end.

I don't think he was going to all that trouble for the fun of it.  Too 
bad we were both busy, and I didn't have time to pump him for more 

Just trying to avoid that durned ignorance tax.  I hate paying it.  

-- Larry

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