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Wed Sep 2 19:11:13 EST 1998

Warren Lang wrote:
> Dummy wrote in message <35ed64e4.17682238 at news.gatech.edu>...
> >Please make sure s/he uses the one with the dull blades!
> This is very irresponsible advice. Dull chainsaws are dangerous to the
> operator, especially during de-limbing.
> Much more efficient to feed spammers through a chip mill. At $8 a ton
> for pulp, the average 175 LB spammer ought to fetch about $.75 each on
> the stump. I'm thinking along the lines of the old movie "Soylent Green"
> with a decent knuckle-boom picking them up one at the time.
> Then again, feeding their slabs through a gang-rip saw has it's merits,
> also.
> Warren

Great idea. Then if we also feed in all the burros.... I see BIG

And that was some weird movie.


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