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Sun Sep 6 03:15:14 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:
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> > Just curious Steve.  What do you and your group think of Thoreau
> Institute's
> > take on the USFS and all the other state FSs?  See
> >
> >
> > Karl Davies
> >
> There is some fascinating reading in there. I just read the parts about the
> Quincy Library Group, (since I had intimate interaction with it in the last
> two years), and the new Conservationists, (of which I am a proud member
> of). The views seem pretty much, unbiased and fair to all ideas and
> concepts. I give it two thumbs, way up!
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And, I don't think that Karl mentioned that the author of the Thoreau
Institute's web site, Randal O'Toole is going to be spending some time
here on the "right coast" at Yale, just a short drive south of Karl and
I. We are hoping to meet with him sometime soon for his advice on how to
further carry out the "Massachusetts Forestry Reformation of '98". We
will have him review our current blueprints for a guillotine (no, no,
just joking!). <G>

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