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I read part of that article and saw that it is full of baloney. "bombed out
war zone"?...gimme a break on THAT overused phrase. I agree that old growth
should be conserved but, science should be leading the way instead of
emotional hysteria of treehuggers <G> It is a noble cause by well-meaning

Herbicides are very expensive and they aren't just sprayed around
haphazardly. When I used them, way back when, we would use a hatchet to cut
into the bark of a hardwood tree and then, put a few drops of the liquid
herbicide into the cut. Used correctly, herbicides can trim decades off
recovery times

The media has such power in this day and age to slant things. I think it is
time for the Internet to take over the role of Oracle to us humans. And,
like Joe Z. has said many times, Vive La Revolution!!!

Just my two cents worth
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