Korean Nut Pines--Grafted Trees

KMorrisD kmorrisd at aol.com
Mon Sep 7 21:31:15 EST 1998

kmorrisd at aol.com (KMorrisD) wrote:

>Any of you interested in growing nut and non-traditional fruit trees might
>to get the new catalog from J G Akerboom Nurseries in Cedarville, NJ.  This
>the only source that I know of for grafted Korean nut pines.

I made a  mistake in the above reference. <sheepish G>  Grimo Nut Nursery also
sells grafted Korean pines.  See http://www.grimonut.com.  And Ernie Grimo
sells many other grafted nut trees for northern climates. 

One other point concerning J G Akerboom Nurseries.  They are a wholesale
operation, so there would probably be a minimum order size.  But if you're
considering planting in large numbers, the prices are very reasonable.


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