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Robinson robfarm at
Tue Sep 8 09:50:27 EST 1998

I've been meaning to ask if anyone knows of any horse loggers working in
Georgia or Alabama. We have draft horses (Shires) and I'd like to learn
how to use them in the woods for skidding out firewood and sawlogs.
Mike and Lorri Robinson	
Monticello, GA

> >
> > By the way, ya still got any horsie loggers down yonder? They still
> > exist in the backwoods of the Northeast. I would think with relatively
> > flat land and lighter wood, a guy with a horsie and an independant
> > attitude might be able to do it.
> Nope, last oxen loggers went out in the '50's, may be an odd ball land
> owner out there doing it, but none I know of.
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