KMorrisD kmorrisd at aol.com
Thu Sep 10 22:44:17 EST 1998

 jgonzalezs at nexo.es wrote:

>I'm looking for info about micrografting.

You might try some of the `experts` on the website for the Northern Nut Growers
Association at http://www.icserv.com/nnga.  People in this group probably know
more than anyone about hardwood grafting techniques, including micrografting.

Annual reports  of the NNGA should be available at IRTA (Centre De Mas Bove),
POB Apartado 415, Reus (Tarragona), also from Prof E Vieitez, General Pardinas
28-2-D, Santiago De Composte.

Or try Ernie Grimo, nut grower extraordinaire <G>, at http://www.grimonut.com. 
I forget his email address. 

Karl Davies

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