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JimiFromMI wrote:
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> > Ya
> >can't take away landowners rights. Ya can't force loggers to do
> >silviculture. Ya can't force landowners to hire foresters. Nooooooo
> >waaaay. That would be unAmerican. The hell with the future. Today is all
> >that counts. And that's also what they believed in the second century at
> >the peak of the Roman Empire; back when they still had forests on the
> >mountains of Italy, where my ancestors came from. <G>
> Was there a lot of individual land ownership back then -- or was it all
> controlled by the government.

In the Roman Republic, land was owned by Roman citizens- your average
peasant farmer. As the Empire expanded and men were drafted into the
legions and sent overseas for decades- when they got released from
service and sent home, the land was often lost- due to not having paid
taxes on it. Over a period of centuries - all the land ended up in the
hands of the ultra rich, who worked the land with consultants.... I mean
slaves- which drove the few remaining free farmers off the land and into
those decadent cities where they lived off welfare and spent their time
at orgies and horse races and watching gladiators beat on each other and
watching Christians tossed to the lions- all due to bad land policies.

And at the time of the Roman Republic, there were beautiful forests
covering the hillsides of the country, but because the Emperor didn't
want  REAL forester licensing, the forests were lost, and eventually the
Empire. <G>

>  The future of US forests is relatively promising
> BECAUSE it is not controlled by one entity -- especially our Federal Government
> (U.S.) whose members are generally short sighted and more interested in funding
> their next campaign as opposed to considering the long term health of our
> nation.
> The more landowners that become educated on forestry, the less likely they will
> be taken advantage of by unscrupulous loggers.  Isn't that why we have the
> burros - as a source for education?

They have failed in this duty, at least around this part of the country,
in my extremely humble opinion. <G>

>  There are many individual landowners that
> think in terms of generations and will do the right thing.  I don't have the
> same confidence in our government.

Yes, there are many. Those are the people I choose to be my clients. I
interview them to see if they are up to my standards. <G>

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