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>Joseph Zorzin wrote:
>> Got it! Viva Texas!
>> By the way, ya still got any horsie loggers down yonder? They still
>> exist in the backwoods of the Northeast. I would think with relatively
>> flat land and lighter wood, a guy with a horsie and an independant
>> attitude might be able to do it.
>Nope, last oxen loggers went out in the '50's, may be an odd ball land
>owner out there doing it, but none I know of.
>Don Staples

At least one guy is logging with 2 horses in Georgia (primarily on his own
land). He does it for enjoyment as he is very well to do and owns a business in
an unrelated area.

They are not the Budwieser horses but are similarly HUGE.  He also takes them
to parades, etc. for crowd control when the local authorities ask.  As they are
used to pulling heavy loads, a crack of the whip from a light wagon elicits a
"pop-a-wheely" where the horses momentarily lift up their front legs.  After a
kid in the crowd slapped one of the horses, which was then followed by the whip
crack by the owner; the kid, rightly so pissed his pants.


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