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ForestFair wrote:
> "A timber sale will be your signature on the land."
> Quoted from "Getting Started with a Timber Sale" which is one of a series of
> articles written for landowners by NYS Extension Forester Peter J. Smallidge.
> The series is at:
> Click on "ARTICLES" at the bottom of the contents list.
> Lots of information for landowners everywhere, not just in NY.
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> FAMILY FOREST FAIR '98, Oct. 3 & 4, Greenwich NY
> Route 29, 13 Miles East of Saratoga Springs
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Some states have decent extension services. Massachusetts is not one of

Still, most private forest land is NOT managed. Consultants can try
harder. Burros can try harder. Landowner groups can try harder. Yet,
most forest land after decades of this expensive chit chat by tea party
foresters is still not managed. Most logging is still high grading. This
fact is the primary failure of the profession of forestry. We should all
be yelling and screaming about this, but many have their cushy jobs and
don't want to make waves, or are so suppressed in their poverty they
can't imagine taking advantage of the first amendment. Talking in
America is NOT illegal, yet.

I wouldn't mind if society officially declared, "we are not interested
in having forests managed". But I'm really just tired of all the talk,
all the brochures, the speeches, the meetings, etc., ad infinitum. This
stuff isn't working and a lot of money has been spent doing it, all to
no avail. And it's a shame, because most of that land will get high
graded which is a destructive practice. Everyone is so concerned about
not damaging wetlands, but silviculture? We could have a thriving woods
economy forever, but nooooo..... Nobody wants to force the issue. Ya
can't take away landowners rights. Ya can't force loggers to do
silviculture. Ya can't force landowners to hire foresters. Nooooooo
waaaay. That would be unAmerican. The hell with the future. Today is all
that counts. And that's also what they believed in the second century at
the peak of the Roman Empire; back when they still had forests on the
mountains of Italy, where my ancestors came from. <G>


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