Mycorrhizal fungi and seedling survival

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Wed Sep 16 13:53:57 EST 1998

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> One anecdotal case is insufficient to make a call on, and the increased
> rainfall may have a lot to do with it.  That said, if the proof is that
> the treatment will reduce mortality by half on worse case scenarios, it
> is worth it.  Application would be an add on to existing dips for other
> purposes, so little cost other than the source of the innoculant.

Two anecdotal cases.  I innoculated douglas fir seedlings with truffles 
last winter and the winter before.  Several of the seedlings were 
interplanted in an area where I had poor survival the year before.  I 
used a bare root dip of truffle slurry, with no followup innoculations.

Weather conditions affect survival, but I have 1-year innoculated 
seedlings that are ahead of 2-year uninocculated seedlings, and they just 
look healthier with darker foliage and thicker stems.  Since they are 
planted in the same dirt, right next to each other, that makes 
comparisons pretty easy.

I haven't dug for truffles yet, but if I never see a truffle I would 
judge the experiment a success, and the innoculation well worth the 

BTW, I bought the innoculant from Daniel. (dwheeler at

A little plug for Daniel from a satisfied customer.

-- Larry

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