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Steve Wilent SWilent at
Fri Sep 18 12:46:58 EST 1998

Share your forestry and natural resources knowledge.

I edit a new a new section in the Journal of Forestry, the magazine of the
Society of American Foresters. I will compile and edit a monthly two-page
collection of forestry “Tech Tips” (that’s one of our working titles) --
tidbits of practical information that foresters can use in their work. I
invite you to submit any nuggets of knowledge that may be of use within the
“broad field of forestry.”

This "news you can use" may encompass virtually any aspect of forestry work:

* Innovative techniques for use in the field
* Specific procedures in research or data analysis
* Tips for natural resources educators to use in the classroom
* New ways of interacting with the press or the public
* Any other information that helps foresters do their work.

A tip could be a few sentences to a several paragraphs in length -- I hope
to publish several in each issue of the Journal.

To submit tips, send a plain-text e-mail or a word-processor document (such
as Microsoft Word) to me at SWilent at Or use this snail-mail

21360 East Briarwood Rd.
Rhododendron, OR 97049

Be sure to include information about yourself and the work you do, as well
as your contact information. You may include graphics such as charts/graphs,
tables, or photos when appropriate.

Please pass this message along to others who may be interested in
contributing to the Journal of Forestry, or pass me e-mail addresses or
phone numbers so that I may contact potential contributors. Thank you.

Steve Wilent
503-622-5499 (Voice and Fax)
Internet: SWilent at

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