Whats in a Name?

Jostnix jostnix at aol.com
Sat Sep 19 07:39:31 EST 1998

>>advertise in the SAF newsletter one of their >brands of bourbon . . .
>>"Old Forester". 
>Too bad it's rot gut :)

Hold on just a minute here Susan!  It really gets serious when you call my
favorite bourbon "rot gut".  Bourbon is my rot gu  err alcoholic beverage of
choice and "Old Forester" is an exceptional sippin' bourbon.

I was once told that the perfect beverage is "where palate meets pocketbook". 
My pocketbook likes Evan Williams but I will splurge on Maker's Mark or Old
Forester on special occasions.

Most times, though, a six pack of Miller has to do.  Its a shame cause real
foresters don't drink beer. (wink)

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