Mishap in Calif. kills protester from Texas.

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> As attractive as it may be to have a martyr, I think this is in very poor

> form.  I've seen far too many friends crippled or killed in the woods to 
> think anybody does it on purpose.  I can't imagine a faller breaking the 
> habits of years of work to intentionally kill someone.
> -- Larry
Absolutely, Larry. An active timber sale is a very dangerous place for
people who know what they're doing. When an outsider, who doesn't know what
to do or what not to do, comes in and traipses around, they are just asking
for it. A faller doesn't always have much control over a tree as he is
falling it. A good rule of thumb is to stay AT LEAST two tree lengths away
from a working faller. Too many bad things can happen.
As far as the accusations of maliciousness go, it is the responsibility of
the person in the woods to avoid a working timber faller. A falling tree
ALWAYS has the right of way <G>. Anyone who is in the woods around timber
fallers had better know about how trees are felled and recognize what a
faller is doing with the tree. I have met many fallers who might joke about
falling a tree on some eco-freak (their words) but, not many would
seriously do such a thing. 
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