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>Subject:	Re: A picture review
>From:	Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com>
>Date:	Tue, 15 Sep 1998 19:28:16 -0400
>JimiFromMI wrote:
>> At least one guy is logging with 2 horses in Georgia (primarily on his own
>> land). He does it for enjoyment as he is very well to do and owns a
>business in
>> an unrelated area.
>> They are not the Budwieser horses but are similarly HUGE.  He also takes
>> to parades, etc. for crowd control when the local authorities ask.  As they
>> used to pulling heavy loads, a crack of the whip from a light wagon elicits
>> "pop-a-wheely" where the horses momentarily lift up their front legs.
>After a
>> kid in the crowd slapped one of the horses, which was then followed by the
>> crack by the owner; the kid, rightly so pissed his pants.
>Interesting you mention the Budwieser horses since the harnesses used in
>that commercial were made by a leather craftsman about 2 miles from

Pure coincidence.

I figured most people could relate to the Budwieser animals, which is why I
mentioned the beer (and I have no idea how to spell {clydesdales????}.


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