Mishap in Calif. kills protester from Texas.

Clearcut Tree Service clearcut at ptialaska.net
Tue Sep 22 02:22:07 EST 1998

                Title: Attractive Nuisance Needs Mitigation/ CUT IT NOW

I'd like to jump in here. My former career was a redwood chopper. Yes, the
same as a Pacific Northwest Timber Faller.... I have an opinion about what
appears to have happened in the EarthFirst! incident.

First they should find the sick puck that got this kid all pumped up to put
himself in a deadly area. These EarthFirst Freaks are power tripping and
letting it get out of hand. They keep coming off like they NEEDED to be
there. What a typical Clintonian eviro cowardly tactic. Grab the chanting
Earthfreak leaders who are lying in every press release available, and make
them get a JOB for the rest of their lives that will actually contribute to
the greater good. THEN, kick them down the street to beg forgiveness from
the parents and friends of this kid. JUST WHO pumps a kid full of BS that
would even make him tresspass into imminent danger.

Do not kid yourselves. EarthFirst! does not save anything. They are urban
political power freaks who get impressionable kids to act as cannon fodder.

To put an end to this "attractive nuisance" clearcut the whole area and burn
it with extreme prejudice.

Thank you for this opportunity to state my opinion.


>>I can't imagine a faller breaking the
>> habits of years of work to intentionally kill someone.
>> -- Larry
>Absolutely, Larry. ...
>from a working faller. Too many bad things can happen.
>As far as the accusations of maliciousness go, it is the responsibility of
>the person in the woods to avoid a working timber faller. A falling tree
>ALWAYS has the right of way

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