Georgia Lumber Co. left me a mess

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Tue Sep 22 18:17:05 EST 1998

Y'all may remember a couple of months ago when I talked about my
problems with Georgia Lumber . I sold some timber to them with the help
of a timber consultant,in early December of 1997, they had 12 months in
the contract to cut the timber and then replace any gates or cables,
doze up the debris and repair ruts caused by their equipment. They came
in January and cut the timber , then vanished. They did return twice
with a dozer ,did about half a days work, then claimed the blade broke
or some such excuse then left and never returned. I've been onto my
consultant to get on to get after them, he claims that he is trying but
they are ignoring him too. So I'm going to start calling them myself
every couple of days and see if maybe they'll get annoyed enough to just
go ahead and do it.
 I'm wonder though what other options I might have. The contract does
state that any disputes would be handled by arbitration, but I guess I
have to wait till the first of December to pursue that. I was planning
to plant some pasture grasses on part of the area that was clear cut,
but fall is really the only good time to do that in our climate, so that
puts me behind another year. I finally had to go out and replace all
the  cables on the entrances to my property myself because hunting
season is upon us and I have to be able to control access.
 I've heard that a lot of these seemingly small timber/logging
comapanies are really owned by some of the bigger wood product
businesses. How could I find out who really owns them? I'd like to take
my complaints straight to the top.
I've got another 40 acres of timber that I'm planning to sell this fall,
but I'll guarantee that they won't be getting an invitation to bid.

I've thought about putting up a big sign out by the road that says "This
mess is courtesy of ......"
 I'd appreciate any advice y'all could offer.
Mike and Lorri Robinson	
Monticello, GA

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