Mishap in Calif. kills protester from Texas.

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> Mr Wheeler, where, exactly, did you read into this that the death was not
> tragic. Also, before I go on, I would like to say that every forester that
> occasionally walks in the woods is not the "sharpest knife in the drawer".
> My point may have been muddled in it's directness. I will state it again for
> you a little differently.
> The death of this kid is a tragedy. Press releases that I have read
> (EarthFirst!'s own web page links) indicated that somehow these (enviros)
> people NEEDED to be there, and that they were in essence (my interpretation)
> "hunted down by the choppers". I found these implications to be very
> upsetting, although not surprising since typically the environmentalist SOP
> is to repeat BS many times over, not unlike a chant, until it has the feel
> of truth.  In one article there was the implication that the normal lay was
> straight down the hill, and that the choppers suddenly switched to a side
> hill lay (place to land the tree for bucking & limbing) in order to harm
> someone.  This is unimaginable to anyone who works in the woods. That is not
> who these statements are designed for; a public targeted by EarthFirst! and
> other political organizations, for re-education to their cause. The written
> EarthFirst! BS went on to imply that the loggers were on this property
> illegally and that somehow EarthFirst! was there to make some sort of
> citizens arrest, or detain them until authorities could arrive.
First, let's go back to the original post, not just the snippet you chose to

                Title: Attractive Nuisance Needs Mitigation/ CUT IT NOW

I'd like to jump in here. My former career was a redwood chopper. Yes, the
same as a Pacific Northwest Timber Faller.... I have an opinion about what
appears to have happened in the EarthFirst! incident.

First they should find the sick puck that got this kid all pumped up to put
himself in a deadly area. These EarthFirst Freaks are power tripping and
letting it get out of hand. They keep coming off like they NEEDED to be
there. What a typical Clintonian eviro cowardly tactic. Grab the chanting
Earthfreak leaders who are lying in every press release available, and make
them get a JOB for the rest of their lives that will actually contribute to
the greater good. THEN, kick them down the street to beg forgiveness from
the parents and friends of this kid. JUST WHO pumps a kid full of BS that
would even make him tresspass into imminent danger.

Do not kid yourselves. EarthFirst! does not save anything. They are urban
political power freaks who get impressionable kids to act as cannon fodder.

To put an end to this "attractive nuisance" clearcut the whole area and burn
it with extreme prejudice.

Thank you for this opportunity to state my opinion.


You post is listed with charged words and phrases: CUT IT NOW, BS, radical,

Other people attending the EarthFirst! rally included people living
downstream from the proposed harvest who worried about their water quality
and supply. You do know how clearcutting affects water quality? If not I'll
repost some pertinent articles.

> So Mr Wheeler, whether you agree with my angle or not is not important. I
> don't care for the invention on your part that somehow the death was not
> tragic.

I did not invent it. See your original post.

 I would have to ask you a couple questions:

> 1. Do you see EarthFirst! as a political organization?  (yes or no please)


> 2. Did they NEED to be there? (on the private property)

There were obviously there before the loggers arrived.

> 3. How do you feel about the EarthFirst! political leaders, in relationship
> to their contribution to this kids death?

No opinion. I don't know any leaders. But if EarthFirst! has "political
leaders" then the timber industry is loaded with the same.

> 4. Do you think this kid INSTINCTIVELY headed himself toward imminent hazard
> without being coached, or egged on by environmentalist political leaders?
I doubt he even recognized the danger.

> Even without the tragic sacrifice that EarthFirst! forced by choice, there
> is a question of just how far a political organization should go in their
> attempt to dictate opinion/policy to others.

Indeed there is. How many people need to be killed by landslides directly
caused by clearcutting before this is addressed? In Oregon last year the
total reached 5.

 I insist that these
> organizations are entirely political in nature, and make very little
> contribution in fact.
The same logic would also support the logging industry's contention (and
obviously YOURs) that clearcutting is OK. I will state again the clearcutting
_does_ have a place in forestry. But that place is not wholesale forest

So that the readers will not be surprised with
> disappointment due to lack of objectivity, I include the description "Self
> appointed experts from back east type daily opinions confused as facts"

Your lack of objectivity is obvious, and needs no further comment. As for
"back east type," I live on the west coast, and have timber land myself.
Unlike you, I spend most of my time growing the trees.

> One final note. As Americans, these environmentalists are entitled to their
> opinions; uninformed or not. Same goes for you. No timber chopper would want
> to harm others. The sale to the state should be abandoned and the entire
> area should be logged heavily so that there will not be a repeat of this
> tragedy (the kid).
> Paul Hamby  DBA
> http://www.ptialaska.net/~clearcut
Your DBA says it all. Unbiased? I think NOT!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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