Georgia Lumber Co. left me a mess

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Wed Sep 23 10:57:20 EST 1998

In article <36082F2B.7C6E at>, robfarm at says...

> I'm wonder though what other options I might have. The contract does
> state that any disputes would be handled by arbitration, but I guess I
> have to wait till the first of December to pursue that. I was planning

Notify the logger's bonding company that you have a claim against his 
bond.  If small claims amount will handle it, get a lawsuit filed.  That 
will get them into arbitration in a hurry, and you can put the settlement 
in front of a judge for a signature.

Arbitration simply means that the results of any lawsuit will be settled 
by a court appointed arbitrator, not that you give up your right to sue.

-- Larry

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