Mishap in Calif. kills protester from Texas.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Sep 23 18:28:58 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:

> Very well put. Don! This NG is here for people to express opinions, change
> opinions and learn from people with firsthand experience. As I was growing
> up (in the Bay Area, BTW), I wanted to be a forest ranger. I went to
> Humboldt State University but never got my degree (I didn't let school get
> in the way of my education <G>). I soon found myself in the USFS, and spent
> 16 years with them as a temporary employee. My opinions changed as my
> experience grew and I am now squarely in the middle of the road, embracing
> both management and preservation issues. Compromise is the ideal way to go
> in this standoff and that means that we, as humans, have to control our
> fiture impacts and mitigate the past mistakes in order to "manage" our
> forests back to a more natural state.
> Does anyone else have a better idea? Join in and let yourselves be heard!

This issue with PL, is even much bigger than the old fights between
loggers and preservationists because it has the class angle, the land is
owned by a billionaire. One could argue that a society with billionaires
is a sick society- and of course all the issues about how he got the
land- it's a very complex problem.

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