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> MEGA-LEGISLATION:  It appears likely that the rest of this year s
> congressional business will be transacted in one bill, said an editorial
> by the Washington Post.  Both the House and the Senate have been
> fiercely debating a number of bills and now there isn't time to vote on
> them individually.

Because the clowns in Congress have have Puritanically and ignorantly
wasted all this time with Clinton's sex life. And for THAT I blame the
American people because they LOVE this nonsense, the way they just ate
up the O.J. Simpson trial - a nation of unsophisticated boobs and their
boob politicians.

> BEETLE INVASION:  The Asian long-horned beetle is causing an
> international trade dispute with China due to the threat it causes to
> American forests, reports the Economist.

Like, as if, nobody (environmentalists) didn't forecast this kind of
thing would happen? But then again, nobody listens to environmentalists
until AFTER the disasters strike.


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