Mishap in Calif. kills protester from Texas.

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> I probably shouldn't write when angry..... but it's too late to turn back
> now. Origin Stanford? I was under the impression Berkley was the forestry
> Mecca in that neck of the woods. Collectively, how many estimated 
> of board feet of harvested timber do your contributors administrate
> annually? (If you don't mind me asking)
Berkeley and Humboldt are the reigning kings of forestry in this area.
Personally, I have been responsible for thousands of stumps in the National
Forests of California, Oregon and Idaho. I know that I have made some
mistakes along the way but, I have always been sincere in wanting to apply
the best science and common sense to all my choices. I really could care
less how those choices affect the "jobs" of mankind. First, as a beginning
timbermarker, then, as a foreman of the crew, and, finally as a trusted
Harvest Inspector. Knowing the USFS timber sale contract through and
through, I have independently administered the timber sales' logging
activities in high volume situations. One sale, ballooned from an estimated
8 million bd ft to 25 million of insect-killed timber. Most of my sales
were in the 1-6 million bd ft category. I've also done many burn salvage
projects. Since I was a temporary through all that time, an the USFS will
not hire me on permanent, I've been forced to find an alternate "career" (I
can't call my USFS jobs a career).

So, Mr Clearcut Dude, please don't generalize people here. They often know
more than you give them credit for. I agree with you about the tradgedy of
a kid losing his life being in a place where he didn't know of the extreme
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