Mishap in Calif. kills protester from Texas.

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Fri Sep 25 10:44:16 EST 1998

Once in a while you guys get me all( snif! ) choked up...

With all due sympathy for the poor benighted fool who got hit by a tree
which was hit by the tree being falled, on private property, after being
warned, no matter what Forest Practice rules weren't being enforced,
(pfew!)  I don't think that the Alaska reaction is that out of line.
(Note: i didn't say it was right, just typical of the enormous crowd who
isn't on the Net)  It ain't what they say, its how they say it that's
important. This guy is pissed off and fed up that the world he used to
know has gone away.  Inherited by a lesser breed yet. (And no neener-
neeners from the greeners; you try shucking everything you once lived
by!) There are about five thousand other guys out here with the same
view. I work with em every day and get paid by both sides... Just go up
and talk to anyone in an ex-timber town from short order cook to ex
timber beasts and you'll get a similar viewpoint. The hope for us all is
that a minute later each will also say that anything we can do for the
fish is OK by them, and by gawd, they shouldna cut so much, so dam
And by the way Larry, I'm an ex-Humboldter and CR grad myself. Installed
untold thousands of plugs on Simpson and Arcata redwood lands in the
70s. Felled Redwood, scaled logs, cruised, thinned, slashed, fire
crewed, lookout towered, sold small FS sales, etc. It was a good time.
Figured planted vs cut about evened out. Left cause no one but rich
southern californians or pot growers could afford to live there anymore.
Ramble mode off,
Mike H.

Larry Harrell wrote:
> Clearcut Tree Service <clearcut at ptialaska.net> wrote in article
> <6u9cgp$k3d$1 at news.ptialaska.net>...
> >
> > Don Staples wrote in message <3607FFB5.5A56 at livingston.net>...
> > >Clearcut Tree Service wrote:
> >
> > I probably shouldn't write when angry..... but it's too late to turn back
> > now. Origin Stanford? I was under the impression Berkley was the forestry
> > Mecca in that neck of the woods. Collectively, how many estimated
> millions
> > of board feet of harvested timber do your contributors administrate
> > annually? (If you don't mind me asking)
> >
> Berkeley and Humboldt are the reigning kings of forestry in this area.
> Personally, I have been responsible for thousands of stumps in the National
> Forests of California, Oregon and Idaho. I know that I have made some
> mistakes along the way but, I have always been sincere in wanting to apply
> the best science and common sense to all my choices. I really could care
> less how those choices affect the "jobs" of mankind. First, as a beginning
> timbermarker, then, as a foreman of the crew, and, finally as a trusted
> Harvest Inspector. Knowing the USFS timber sale contract through and
> through, I have independently administered the timber sales' logging
> activities in high volume situations. One sale, ballooned from an estimated
> 8 million bd ft to 25 million of insect-killed timber. Most of my sales
> were in the 1-6 million bd ft category. I've also done many burn salvage
> projects. Since I was a temporary through all that time, an the USFS will
> not hire me on permanent, I've been forced to find an alternate "career" (I
> can't call my USFS jobs a career).
> So, Mr Clearcut Dude, please don't generalize people here. They often know
> more than you give them credit for. I agree with you about the tradgedy of
> a kid losing his life being in a place where he didn't know of the extreme
> danger.
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