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> In all aspects of our lives we stereotype all of that around us, but
> foresters appear to be getting an unfair slaying.
> Foresters are people who are educated in the science of forest ecology.
> Like your doctor and your dentist, the forester received a formal
> this provided them with the skills necessary to manage the forested
> ecosystems.
> If a forester is vulnerable to being given any stereotype it is that they
> are too silent when Government policies conflict with proper resource
> management.
Thank you for pointing that out! Most foresters and techs like the woods
and want to continue to enjoy working with the beauty that is all around
us. Not every forester or tech wants to "whack em, stack em and black em".
I don't wish to completely do away with clear cuts but i would would not
hesitate to use them as a last resort in order to improve that piece of
ground. Many people cannot fathom the idea of a clearcut ever improving a
piece of ground.

Many times, the government goes along with what a misguided public seems to
want. Unfortunately, it seems, that the Government and science just don't
mix well.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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