WALL: David Chain - A Perspective (fwd)

Amos Keppler asterdisnospam at hl.telia.no
Fri Sep 25 21:54:59 EST 1998

Richard Bossard wrote:
> Don Staples wrote in message <36080B09.42BE at livingston.net>...
> >> David Chain is a hero. He joins the ranks of Martin Luther King, Gandhi,
> and
> >> Judi Bari. Let his memory inspire us to victory. Let our howls
> reverberate
> >> in every forest in this land to honor our fallen brother.
> >>
> >
> >Bari, for sure.  King and Gandhi?  Real long stretch there.
> The idiot who died for a tree???? Thats a lot more then a stretch!!! Its
> more like minor cleanup of the gene-pool.
> Rick

 How long must me stand the idiocy of your kind? You're thrown off the
assembly line I guess. That means there's quite the quantity of you, but
that the quality is poor.
 He didn't die for anything, but he fought for something very important.
Not one tree, but many. Not one forest, but every songle one. Not one
human being, but evry single single. Is this so hard to understand? Will
you grieve when all the forests are gone, or will you dance on your own


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